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Taga is the new inspiring mode of transportation, inspired by the Dutch cargo bike (bakfiets) movement. It combines the fun of a cargo bike with the functionality of a premium stroller. In all, it’s a beautiful way for you and your baby to experience the world together.

Unlike a bike trailer or regular child bike seat, your little one rides right between your arms. Taga’s 3-wheel cargo bike design lets you ride with confidence.

The bike that transforms into a stroller
Taga is a multifunctional vehicle designed for families on the go. It is a baby stroller and cargo bike all rolled into one—and a means of transportation unlike any other. And it’s the only bike that transforms into a stroller. Can you imagine!

Taga is adaptable to your changing family needs
The modular design and accessories let you use your Taga Bike with newborns, 6 year-olds, 2 children at once, groceries, and more.

Taga will serve you for years
Unlike a standard stroller, you can use your Taga for at least 10 years—even after the kids are grown up. Invest in a truly green vehicle!

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